Chemical Peels - before and afterChemical peels use a chemical solution to remove the top layers of the skin. This destruction of weathered and damaged surface skin cells promotes regeneration and resurfacing with healthy new skin. They may reduce uneven skin tone and superficial facial blemishes, and to some extent may reduce fine wrinkles. Chemical peels vary in strength form superficial to deep, according to the amount of surface skin cells that are stripped away.

The number and frequency of peels will depend on the skin type and the amount of weathering of the skin. Whichever form of peel is used, sensible sun smart measures must be continued, including regular use of adequate sunscreen.

Four different types of peels are available at Brunswick Dermatology.

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[fusion_tab title=”Aspect Dr”]1-aspect-drThis range contains pure, naturally derived botanicals in an effective cosmeceutical formulation.

Aspect Dr contains organic, non-genetically modified ingredients wherever possible, aiming to cause minimal irritation. Free of artificial fragrances and potentially harsh preservatives, these products have not been tested on animals in development and production.[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Neostrata”]neostrata_headerNeostrata was founded by dermatologists, and was the company involved with the original development of alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) for skin care.

Also known as fruit acids, AHAs  are now ingredients in many skin care products. The Neostrata range has been found beneficial for most skin types, and can help managing photo aging, hyperpigmentation, dry skin states and acne.[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”Jan Marini Skin Research”]jan-mariniUS based and founded in 1994, JMSR develops and distributes and range of skin products that are medically validated and designed to optimise skin care.[/fusion_tab]
[fusion_tab title=”ASAP”]asaplogoASAP offers scientifically researched skin care products for men and women of different skin types.

Product ingredients include AHAs and antioxidants to create a simple skin care range.[/fusion_tab]

At Brunswick Dermatology, Dermal Clinician Eleanora Kapralou can advise you of the skin care range that will best suit your skin.