The appearance of unsightly facial and leg veins can be improved without the need for painful injections by using Laser Vascular Treatments. Using the most advanced technology and unique design, both superficial facial vessels and prominent leg veins on men and women of all skin tones may be treated.

Cost may vary depending on the density of veins and size of area. For significant improvement of spider veins on the face one or three treatments may be needed. Treatment can be done every 4 weeks on the face, and every 2-3 months on the legs. Cherry hemangiomas (red dots on the body) usually only require one or two treatments.


This term describes prominent superficial skin blood vessels which appear as prominent red lines on the skin especially the face. “Spider vessels” are the type seen in childhood. In adults such vessels are seen most often on sun exposed parts of face. These come about because UV weathering means the outer surface of skin is thinner and weaker such that underlying fine blood vessels become more readily visible. The light energy produced by the NdYag laser is absorbed by the red pigment in blood cells within the prominent blood vessels. Local heat generated seals the bloods vessels, and the damaged fine blood vessels are no longer visible.

Before and after Single Laser Vascular Treatments

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Laser Vascular Treatment

Prominent vessels on chin before…

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… and after single laser treatment.[/one_half]

Leg Veins

Superficial marks in skin on the legs can be treated with NdYag laser. It is usual that proper examination of the legs and leg vessels is done to ensure that no significant underlying abnormality in the deeper veins of the leg is present before treatment is undertaken.
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Laser Vascular treatment of Leg Veins

Prominent vessels on leg before…

[one_half last=”yes”]Leg Veins treated by Laser Vascular treatment

… and after single laser treatment.[/one_half]

Cherry angiomas

Cherry Angioma photographed close up.These bright cherry red marks are common on human skin and occur as the human skin ages. They are usually most numerous on the trunk. Some develop larger numbers at an earlier age and recognize that the tendency runs in the family.

They are not serious, and not a sign of underlying illness of any type.

These respond well to NdYag laser treatment and often only require a single pulse of laser light. Each pulse with the laser feels like a flick with a small elastic band.