Warts are a very common skin affliction caused by the wart virus. When the virus infects skin cells, the surface layer of the skin is made in excess, and the heaped up skin that develops on the outside of the skin is called a wart. Warts are very common in children and adults. Traditional treatments with over the counter creams and paints are not always successful eradicating warts. Liquid nitrogen is often used but is painful especially in sensitive areas such as close to nail folds or palms and soles.

The NdYag laser is an option for treating warts. The laser light energy is absorbed by fine blood vessels in the base of the wart damaging the vessels that nourish the wart. The treatment is not as painful as liquid nitrogen. Warts may respond to only 2 or 3 treatments given at 4 week intervals and takes only a few minutes.